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A group of high school students grapples with that aftermath of a school shooting. Follow along as students and their families attempt to learn their new normal. A touching look into the grief that plagues American schools.
Chaos and comedy ensue when a blundering young narrator discovers that Prince Charming has been kidnapped by the evil witch Hagragard. The narrator struggles to save her family honor while her well-meaning Fairy Godmother mistakenly sends not one, but six fairytale...
It’s moments before the ribbon cutting for the opening of the new Lakewood Middle School gymnasium when the unimaginable happens––Beloved Principal Black has disappeared! Now the student leadership committee needs to play detective in order to figure out what has...
Wonderland is having the trial of the century and everyone's invited! What's at stake? The infamous B. B. Wolf has been accused of destroying all three of the pigs' homes and dear old Granny of Red Riding Hood fame is suspected of stealing the Queen of Hearts' tarts....
Trying to find one’s place in the world, while also navigating the challenges of midde school life, can be daunting, to say the least. Due to his vocal talents – and the power of social media – beleagured and bullied Michael Hope suddenly finds himself living an...