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High School Play Scripts, Middle School & Youth Theater Plays, Comedy & Drama Play Scripts
MONIQUE: And you are?
MAX: (Shaking MONIQUE’s hand vigorously - - not letting go.) Friend of the freaks, manager of the mayhem, barker of the boulevard, keeper of the chaos, juggler of the - -
MONIQUE: (Pulls hands away.) Excuse me . . . name. Name, like, do you have a name?
MAX: Ahhh, yes! Maniacal Max, harbinger of morbidity.
Yes...yes...yes it all makes sense! Of course you two would be perfect together. He is salty, you are sweet! This would be an unprecedented combination!!! It’s right in our face!
Monique the Freak! Monique the Freak!
Come take a peek, your kids will shriek - -
You have permission to embrace the freak within - - or without, as the case may be.
Look, I know I’m different. That’s been pointed out to me every day of my high school life...
Isn’t the outside the first thing you see? React to. Good or bad? Light or dark? Cruel or kind? The first layer of the onion - - just waiting to be peeled back to find layer upon layer upon layer. How many times have I looked into the mirror wishing I could peel off my skin? Could be an onion. Peel it off - - for good, throw it away and reveal what I really want the world to see - - who I am with out this mask . . . beautiful.
Check out FREAK by Angela Hill…or click below to download the free eScript!
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FREE eScript of the Week
FREAK - by A. Hill
FREAK"I've already been to high school, that's like the biggest freak show of all." Monique dreads school. The constant torment makes her feel like a sideshow freak. Every day, Monique wanders the scariest place on earth, the school hallway, and wishes she could just disappear - and then she does. Monique finds herself out of high school and in an "unusual, disturbing, and fantabulastic" sideshow.... read more
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The school system is trying save energy, and it’s a cold day in the library. Freezing, actually. It’s so bad that a teacher brings his class just to punish them, and the maintenance staff won’t stick around long enough to figure out if there might be some kind of...
What does it mean to be a man? Why does the teddy bear go in the freezer? How does a guy who's afraid to be touched end up crowd-surfing at a concert? What do you do when you find out your boyfriend is cheating on you? Through monologues and scenes that range from...
A woman working at home on her computer becomes frustrated with all the email spam and telemarketer calls. Longing for the time, back in her mother’s day, when people didn’t have to contend with such things, she suddenly finds herself beset by door-to-door sales...
A woman shares her fear of living with an abusive husband and the self-doubt that prevented her from leaving. After summoning the courage to leave, she is forced to deal with the tragedy of losing custody of her child. Only through her faith in a higher power and...
Olsen has trouble getting a date, but suddenly he meets several women who give him everything he wants! Problem is, he can’t tell the difference between a real girlfriend and a computerized voice on his GPS or his smart phone, When his family disapproves of his new...
Iris wants to love every aspect of her husband, but he comes from a tribe of invisible men who can't be seen until they die. Her overpowering desire to see his face twists her mind and emotions. A tragic tale of love and death.
How do we choose to live our lives? What baggage do we bring to our relationships and to the situations in which we find ourselves? In Living A Real Life, sixteen compelling characters confront their fears, anger, paranoia and pain. They take audiences on a...
What's the worst thing a guy can hear when he goes to pick up his date? How about "She's not ready yet!"? Preston's invitation to sit with the family forces him to bear the taunts of her overfed younger brother and to try to impress the girl's father, all while they're...
“We’re The Pirates” Captain Peach and his not-so-merry band of pirates sing as they roam a deserted island in search of Bluebeard’s still-hidden treasure chest. Captain Peach swears Bluebeard buried the treasure right over . . . right . . . left empty-handed,...
“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.” ---Groucho Marx. Pleasant Plains Public Library is in deep trouble, and it will take a minor miracle to save it. Or perhaps a group of classic life-sized books and some ornery...