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“I got no problem with whatever you’re into, so long as you don’t get into it here.”
“I mess with people’s heads, Mel. It goes with my powers. Consider my outfit to be a friendly warning.”
“I like sugar and cream with coffee in it.”
“You may think I’m obnoxious, but I like to think I’ve developed a healthy, defensive cynicism.”
“I can see in your mind what you did last night and you should be ashamed of yourself. Go home and slam the fingers of your right hand in a drawer until something breaks. If it’s the drawer, try a different drawer.”
“Would it cause you physical discomfort to be more specific?”
“Do you mind if I wipe my mouth on your cape after I puke on your boots?”
“Now just sit tight and remember that you’re in a room full of people who are looking for an excuse to kill you.”
“If normal people can’t change the world, then who can?”
HIGHER POWER by Bradley Walton
What if people with super powers really existed? With that as its premise, Higher Power deconstructs the essence of the super hero, and the results are riveting.
Alternately funny and tragic, packed with terrific dialogue, and ending with a major twist, Higher Power calls on all of us to be the best we can be.
Check out HIGHER POWER…or click below to download the free eScript!
Featured Plays
BOTTLED UP, by B. Hayward
THE DISCOVERY, by P. Gabridge
FIGMENT, by D. Tucker
LITMUS TEST, by C. Clark
FREE eScript of the Week
HIGHER POWER - by B. Walton
HIGHER POWERThe asteroid should have destroyed all life on Earth. Instead, it crumbled into nothing and moments later, there were reports of a flying man sighted all over the East Coast, a man they now call Miracle. In the days that followed, a small handful of people found themselves with superhuman powers. Some became heroes, some became villains, some worked as soldiers for a government hungry for their talents,... read more
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Tonight is Anya's chance to shine. The curtain is about to rise on her adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, and in her final performance she's playing the starring role. But as she sits alone on the stage, things begin to change. And the world Anya used to escape to as a child part Carroll's world, part a world of her own creation suddenly seems all too real. As Alice or Anya...
When a depressed man opens a bottle of Coca-Cola, he uncorks an exuberant genie who is hopped up on sugar and caffeine. This genie would love to grant him three wishes, but that becomes difficult when he realizes that he has no clue what he wants.
What will happen when you leave six high school seniors alone in detention? Will they kill each other? Will they turn into flesh-hungry zombies? Will they unleash plagues upon the world? Will they do all of the above and more? Four hilarious scenes show the many possible outcomes for six unsupervised students.
Trouble in Drab Town! It’s a sad day when King Goaxis tells the Crabbits that he is shutting down their little village at midnight because it is just too dull and boring to be part of the land of Goaxis. All hope seems lost until clumsy Tommy tells Mayor Thread-Clipper that he has a plan to save Drab Town. Tommy and his friends resolve to find the Grand RooGoo, the wise...
A man finds a good spot to stand, a comfortable place to call his own. But the rest of the world is intent on making him move. People try bribery, threats, prayer, politics, even murder to get what he's got.
Jill's friend, Liza, has lost touch with reality and developed a new world of imaginary friends. Liza gets help from one of the college psychology professors and is now beginning to see the difference between fact and imagination. Jill, on the other hand, is concerned about the strange techniques the professor is using, so she pays him a visit...and gets a bigger surprise than...
Your wife suddenly decides to train for a 5K. She wants you to help her. You love your wife, so you don’t tell her that she’s out of her mind. Instead, you go jogging with her. You are a good husband. And also, probably, you are an idiot.
While waiting for his date, Jill, to get ready, Martin engages in a battle of wills with her roommate. Will a roommate's disapproval cost Martin his date, or will reverse psychology help him? Packed with big surprises.
Vlad Drake is trapped in his small hospital room, and all he wants to do is get out so he can get a square meal. Who should drop in to help him? Dietitian Ms. Peabody tries to suggest a variety of healthy choices so Vlad can overcome his anemia. But Vlad knows there’s one sure way, but will Ms. Peabody fall under his spell?
Coaxed by a silver-tongued tiger who has fallen into a pit, a person’s trusting nature makes it likely he will end up as the tiger’s next meal. Will a timid rabbit that happens by be able to save the person?