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By: DJ Sanders
(: 2 , 2 )
A lull in a conversation can be comfortable between friends but awkward with a stranger. When two people are uncertain of what occurred before the silence, motivations become confused. A humorous test may help classify the silence, but will they both be comfortable when the conversation stops? This absurd comedy takes the need to...  read more
By: Joseph Sorrentino
(: 1 , 1 , 2 
A simple phone call to an automated banking system turns into a humorous battle of wits between a computer-generated voice and a frustrated customer, leaving us to wonder if computers have already taken over the world. The phone voice may be played by a man or a woman.
By: Lauren Denson
(: 2 , 2 )
When Gina calls A.C.C. (Automated Counseling Connection) she meets AC-7394-11, her personal robot counselor. Gina quickly realizes that machines have needs, too - diabolical, human-enslaving needs. From failed relationships to equality in the workplace to saving the human race, this is one phone call Gina wishes she had never made.
By: Laurie Allen
(: 2 , 2 )
Jill thought her mother died when she was five years old. Now, years later, she discovers that her mother is alive but has never tried to make contact. Will she meet the mother that rejected her? What will she say after all these years?
By: Jonathan Mayer
(: 2 , 2 )
In this new take on Abbott and Costello’s famous comedy skit “Who’s on First,” two teenage performers try, rather unsuccessfully, to rehearse a scene for their drama class. What they succeed in performing is a hilarious scene full of wit and comedic miscommunication.
By: Kelly Meadows
(: 2 , 2 )
Is Laura really keeping an alien baby? Worse yet, is she plotting to kill it? Look at the books she checks out. Laura's fascination with murder mysteries and alien children are scaring the library clerk, who's always ready to make snap judgments about her patrons or give away the ending of a mystery novel. An energetic comedy.
By: David J. LeMaster
(: 2 , 2 )
A student is tutored by his professor, who seeks to impart the truth. Problem is, with this professor, the truth is an elusive commodity.
By: Krista Dalby
(: 1 , 1 , 2 )
She's a secretary with a hunky new boss. He's a young executive with an overly attentive secretary. Almost is the hilarious and heartbreaking story of an office romance that is on the verge of blossoming when fate intervenes.
  (UN    ALM    AUT    BES    BOX    CAN    CHE    CON    DAD    DEM    DON    ELE    FAI  

  FIV    FOR    GO     HAP    HO     I'M    INS    JEN    KIS    LIF    MAN    MOM    NOB  

  ON     PAP    PLE    QUI    ROC    SCR    SHR    SOR    SQU    SUD    TEN    TOO    TWI  

  VER    WHA    WOW    Next